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Build confidence
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Paediatric Feeding Foundations Program - online! 


16th August - 13th December 2024 AEST
(+12 months additional access)


Registrations closing soon...









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Can you relate...?

  • You're new to paediatric feeding, there are so many courses out there and you don't know quite where to start...

  • Or, you’ve been providing some paediatric feeding therapy, but you’re looking for more clarity and confidence…

  • You wish you had a clear step-by-step plan that you could draw on for approaching each of your feeding clients...

  • You're short on time and don't have capacity to travel to attend an event or sit in a multi-day workshop (especially in COVID times!)…

What if...


You felt more confident in the foundations of paediatric feeding and how to apply that learning in practice?


You were able to fill the gap in your knowledge to work with paediatric feeding clients, rather than referring them all on?


You could walk away with an actionable pathway which helped you to navigate feeding assessment and treatment with each client?


You felt confident enough to walk back into your practice and begin applying all you’ve learned in feeding therapy?


You were able to attend online from the comfort of your home or office for just over 2 hours per week, or work at your own pace at time that suited you?


We’re here for you!  

We developed the Paediatric Feeding Foundations Program just for you!

Woman breastfeeding baby

A new Responsive Feeding Therapy framework!

The Paediatric Feeding Foundations Program was redeveloped in 2024 using Instructional Design principles to bring you an online course experience like no other in the field!

As part of the¬†updated program, we've developed and incorporated the Circles to Feeding‚ĄĘ Approach¬†- a responsive feeding therapy model emphasising comfort and felt-safety first. The approach¬†draws on trauma-informed care, attachment theory, self-determination theory, neuroplasticity, and family-centered practice.¬†

In the Paediatric Feeding Foundations Program we'll take you through a feeding therapy pathway, including...

Feeding Therapy Approach

An¬†overview of the Circles to Feeding‚ĄĘ Approach. You will also complete¬†your own¬†self-assessment feeding competency tool and receive a¬†personalised report,¬†to find¬†your baseline and guide your learning.

Brain-Body Systems

A fresh look at the brain-body systems underpinning and impacting feeding, including cardio-airway, neuro-sensorimotor, oro-structural and gastro-immune systems.

Developmental Foundations

Every feeding therapist needs to know the developmental foundations of feeding inside and out, including motor, social emotional and oral sensory motor skills, and developmental texture progressions.

Paediatric Feeding Disorders

Learn all about the Paediatric Feeding Disorder diagnosis and different
presentations of feeding difficulties, including ARFID, feed aversions and tube

Case Histories

We all know completing a case history is important, but do you know which questions you need to include, and why? Hone your case history skills for feeding and identify specific red flags for referral pathways.

Oral Motor Exams

All the ins and outs of an oral motor exam will be broken down into a step-by-step format to assess structure and function. We want you to have clarity, with visual examples and a detailed template to use.

Feeding Observations

Understand feeding readiness, and go in depth in completing mealtime observations in order to complete a feeding assessment. A copy of our comprehensive feeding assessment form is included!

Diagnosis, Recommendations, Referrals & Reporting

We go deeper in how to draw your assessment results into a cohesive 'story' about the child, so you know what path to take next. More templates included so you're not flying blind!

Plan Therapy & Review Progress

Plan your feeding therapy using the Priorities for Progress from our Circles to Feeding‚ĄĘ Approach. We'll also help you set¬†functional goals, and review progress to measure treatment outcomes.

Responsive Feeding Therapy

Every feeding clinician should know about responsive feeding therapy! Build skills in this family-centred and strengths-based approach. Practical strategies included of how to apply this therapy model with a range of clients.

Developmental Progressions

A practical look at supporting older babies, toddlers and children through the developmental progression of spoon feeding, cup and straw drinking, self-feeding and texture progression. 

Oral Sensory Motor Therapies

We unscramble this for you so you understand the evidence-base, and can incorporate oral sensory motor therapies, where appropriate, based on the child's and family's needs and priorities.

Dysphagia Management

Learn about prioritising safety, managing swallowing difficulties, and use of thickened fluid in children with dysphagia. We'll also cover when to refer for videofluoroscopy or consider if tube feeding may be required.

Cases To Bring It All Together

Practical cases using problem-based learning exercises to bring together the learning and strategies from the course. We'll work together through our Circles to Feeding‚ĄĘ¬†Approach for these cases.

Resources & Self-Assessment

We'll share our recommended resources and what you need to put in place to get your feeding therapy going. You'll also complete your self-assessment feeding competency to review your own progress.


The details...

  • REGISTRATIONS: Close¬†Friday 9th August 2024 10pm AEST¬†(Melbourne, Australia time). AUD and USD prices.
  • TEAM & ORGANISATION DISCOUNTS: We are offering team discounts for 3+ participants¬†(AUD$100 off pp) from the same workplace, and significant organisation discounts for teams of 12+ (AUD$500 off pp). Please contact us¬†to arrange a quote and payment.
  • DATES: Program runs for¬†4 months from¬†16th August - 13th December 2024 AEST/AEDT.¬†Access to the course materials will be available for an additional¬†12 months¬†until end December 2025.
  • PROGRAM FORMAT:¬†The program is designed to work through at your own pace following our guided curriculum pathway, with video modules¬†and activities to complete. One module will be released per week during the course period, with monthly implementation breaks and Q&A check-in calls to assist your learning.
  • BONUSES:¬†Numerous clinical tools and templates, including the Babble & Munch Case History, Oral Motor Examination, and Feeding Assessment forms.
  • COURSE SUITABLE FOR: Speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dietitians, and child psychologists who have feeding therapy as part of their scope of practice,¬†and want to learn from a speech pathologist working exclusively in paediatric feeding.¬†The course caters to therapists at the beginner to intermediate level¬†in paediatric feeding (children aged 6 months - 12 years age). You do not need to have a paediatric feeding caseload or any experience to start! We are just keeping the course to these feeding therapy disciplines at this stage.

What's Included

#1- Weekly modules

An on-demand curriculum with a guided pathway to walk you through every step over the four month course period, or complete at your own pace over the additional 12 months course access. Modules will include a combination of theory and evidence-based practice, videos, photos and case studies, practical activities with tools and templates, and opportunity for interaction, discussion and questions. There will be opportunities for self-paced work as well as attending live check-in calls.

#2- Monthly group connection calls

Regular interactive Zoom sessions with our course presenter, Carly, where you have the opportunity to come back with your questions or chat about where you might have got stuck or need to problem solve. These will also be recorded and uploaded to our course hub.

#3- 12 months additional access to the course hub

We love our course hub and our participants do too! You will have access to all the course materials, videos and handouts, along with tools and templates you need for practical application, all in one central place. You’ll be able to access the course at your own pace for an additional 12 months after the course finishes, so you can rewind and replay as much as you want!

#4- Clinical tools, templates and resources

We will be loading you up with useful clinical forms, tools, templates and resources that you can take back to your practice to implement with your own clients. Here are just a few of the detail packed templates we provide:

  • Case history template and summary form
  • Oral motor examination templates
  • Feeding observation templates
  • Feeding assessment 'Roadmap' tool
  • Paediatric¬†feeding disorder diagnostic checklist
  • Assessment report template
  • Planning feeding therapy priorities tool
  • Parent handout on texture transitions
  • Feeding clinic resources checklist
  • Plus many more!


At the end of the course, you will have the additional opportunity to join the Feeding Therapy Lab (if not already a member) - our ongoing, online learning and group mentoring program for feeding therapists who have completed one of our courses!

SLPs love our Paediatric Feeding Foundations Program...

Professional on laptop casual

Erin, SLP, USA

This course was amazing! I've been practicing in pediatric feeding and swallowing for over 5 years, but I still learned so much. This course was great for filling in a lot of the random gaps that other books and courses glossed over or didn't cover because they were focusing on a specific treatment model - especially in the area of assessment and developing goals. This course would also be a great foundation for someone newer in treating feeding/swallowing, or looking to get into it. 

Speech Pathologist, Australia

Definitely take this course! It will allow you to learn so much about all of the areas involved in supporting a child with feeding from your foundations to assessment and then therapy….It has helped me to really take time when assessing children and look across many developmental areas. It has impacted my clinical practice by empowering me with knowledge to start working with more feeding clients.

About Carly...

Carly Veness, CPSP, IBCLC, MSPA, is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) based in Melbourne, Australia, working in both clinical and research roles over the past 20+ years.

Carly is the Founder & Principal Speech Pathologist at Babble & Munch Feeding Therapy, a private practice focused on infant & child feeding, and Babble & Munch Learning, an international training and professional support program for health professionals working in paediatric feeding. Carly also holds an appointment at the Royal Women’s Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive & Special Care Unit & has a Graduate Diploma of Infant & Parent Mental Health.

Carly includes various approaches in her therapy for infants and children with feeding difficulties, including responsive feeding therapy, infant mental health frameworks, trauma-informed practice and oral sensory motor therapies. Developing and supporting positive, trust-based relationships around feeding is at the centre of Carly's focus.

Carly Veness headshot

Presenter Disclosures:
Financial: Carly receives income from Babble & Munch Learning, including this course and the Feeding Therapy Lab. Carly receives income from her clinical practice, Babble & Munch Feeding Therapy. 
Non-Financial: Carly is the parent of a child with feeding difficulties and shares some details from her own experiences.

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You + this online program + the course hub 

= Everything you need to get started!


Watch the self-study modules and attend optional live components. You can complete the course week by week over the course period, or you can spread it out over the year, with course hub access for an extra 12 months after the course finishes.


How much?


$1997 AUD

Includes GST

Australian & NZ Participants

  • Weekly modules, self-paced
  • Regular¬†live check-in calls (optional)
  • 30+ hours of content
  • Clinical tools, templates and resources
  • 12+ months access to the course hub
  • Opportunity to join the Feeding Therapy Lab at end of the course (SPs/OTs/DTs)


$1297 USD

Excludes GST

Outside of Australia/NZ

  • Weekly modules, self-paced
  • Regular¬†live check-in calls (optional)
  • 30+ hours of content
  • Clinical tools, templates and resources
  • 12+ months access to the course hub
  • Opportunity to join the Feeding Therapy Lab at end of the course (SPs/OTs/DTs)

Registrations Open - Closing Soon!









More Love for this Course...

Professional on laptop casual

Speech Pathologist, SA

Highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning feeding in-depth….Clinically, I feel more competent and confident with assessing and managing feeding clients….I think it worked really well, and allowed me to absorb and retain information much better than I normally would at an intensive course. Loved the option to watch the recording in my own time.

Speech Pathologist, South Australia

I really enjoyed it and actually feel that it is the most informative and easy to understand course I have completed in the past 6 years. I feel significantly more confident and feel that I am able to take on more feeding clients.

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